Harrington Jacket – a style for All Seasons

Are you looking for classic style in a jacket? One that is right for the season, to your desired quality, and at the right price? Here you can find the one that you want.


Are you confused as to which harrington jacket to choose from, and what companies to trust over the large choice of manufacturers and retailers readily available online?

This website and BLOG was created to help resolve the above questions.It was relaunched to make sure that it continued to fully reflect what you are currently looking for in a harrington jacket.For over four years, we have been introducing, and reviewing,a wide range of jackets available to you in the online marketplace. We are keen to bring you jackets representing the best of the life and style of the second half of the 20th century.  Buyers are now confirming that the HJ is as current today as it was, say, in the 1960s.For some history more here...

So as we enter our 5th great year our aim remains the same – to find great classic style and value search our pages So
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harrington jackets are versatile wear for all seasons. They can come in all sizes,many different types of materials and colours,but generally hold to similar expected features including:

  • Mens Classic Harrington
  • Poly Cotton Fabric
  • Based On The Original Harrington Pattern From The 60’s
  • Forward Flap pockets
  • Ribbed Cuff and Waist
  • Distinctive Tartan lining

Do take a closer look,it’s worth it. In addition to cotton,other materials often used are wool,leather, as well as synthetic mixtures. Obviously what a particular jacket is made of will most frequently determine the price you will have to pay. Also look for the free postage where you can benefit.With variety available  today the harrington remains a top selling jacket among  all age ranges.


So you don’t miss anything,visit the harringtonjackets.com BLOG regularly for the latest news of

and about products available for you to view NOW!


See more about our brand offerings and range of jackets at the links below. The choice is yours! >>


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